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So after this week I will have officially spent more time in the Alps then I have in Pisa! Fabrizio and Silvia left me and Irene here with Fabrizio's siblings and their families and they're all so nice to me. Irene has been listening to me really well, probably mainly because I discovered if she isn't listening to me and I start counting ( 1.. 2... ..3) she straightens up pretty quickly and does what she is supposed to be doing. I haven't counted to three yet and I don't really know what I'm supposed to do if I ever get to three so lets just hope that never happens!
On Monday (July 26) we took the kids to this huge, amazing park, and there was so much for them to do that they were entertained the whole time. The park was huge, there was soccer fields, a pond, it was kind of like carburn park but no trees and in a valley. The park didn't have the usual play ground things it had a couple slides that were so long, probably about 100 feet, a weird swing thing that like 5 people could fit in, a couple shelters and a large path where you were supposed to jog around and about every 30m there would be a sign with a stretch you were supposed to do, or jumping jacks or something, it was almost like a circuit, such a good idea. There was also a big flying fox thing that you sat on and went down a wire, and you go pretty quickly and it's about 50 feet long and when the kids noticed that I went faster because I'm heavier then them they started doubling with me, I don't know how many times I ended up going down with all the kids but I have bruises all over the inside of my legs from sitting on the plastic thing!
I have a huge book of Italian language that I do when the kids are watching TV, or when they're playing and I don't really have anything to do, so on Monday night after dinner I was doing some of my Italian homework because the kids were watching Wallace and Gromet. On the book it says that it's for children in primary school but Gaetano was helping me and he said he was shocked by how complicated some of the phrases are. I already hate that I bought this book because there is no english in it at all which means that I first have to translate the instructions and then translate the assignment then complete the assignment, it's very good for my vocabulary but because I don't really understand the sentence structure and the verb tenses I have a lot of trouble figuring things out sometimes. But now that Gaetano said he thought it was semi-advanced I am intimidated by my Italian language book, so I decided I really needed a book to read because that would take up some of my time and put off my Italian homework a bit, (I'm very good at procrastinating and putting things that I don't want to do off for as long as possible, ask my mum) but the book store in Fulgaria is tiny, and there isn't an english section because I'm not in a tourist area, but even the english sections in the book stores I have been to in Pisa and Venice are so small that they're usually just books by Danielle Steele and Clive Cussler (not authors I enjoy at all) or the twilight series (not a series I want to read) so I have had some problems finding interesting books to read here, I usually spend about an hour reading the back of every book to see what sounds good. But randomly yesterday Fabrizio's brother asked me if I had read the book "freakonomics" and I have, and he told me that he had the second one here and that I could read it if I wanted to, and of course I wanted to read it. I was actually looking for that book so I was really surprised that he had it, and I am about half way through it already. It's called "superfreakonomics" I highly suggest reading both of them, some of the information in it is actually quite shocking, and it's not just about economics it's more about the relationship between economics and psychology, and the fact that people respond to incentives, it leaves you with a lot to think about. When I get back to pisa I want to order this book about the Quran that someone told me about. I don't remember if it's a translation of it or if it just explains it all to people who aren't Islamic but it sounds interesting and I want to understand why people blow themselves up over this religion.
Yesterday (July 27) was so uneventful we just hung out around the house and didn't really do a lot, but a couple cute things happened.
After lunch we were all sitting around the table talking and Irene went to the toilet and went "caca" (she pooped). When she was done she came out of the bathroom and Roberto said "who cleaned your bum?" Cleaning your bum in Italy (probably in all of Europe) isn't just wiping, it's soap and water over the bidet and dried with a towel. So because Irene is 4 it's usually an adult that does it for her because she can't do it on her own yet, I - thank god - have yet to do this for her. But yesterday it was a bit peculiar when she came out of the washroom because none of the adults had gone in to clean her, so when Roberto asked her who cleaned her bum she responded "Minia", her 5 year old boy cousin. Everyone had a pretty good laugh about this, and Carla checked to make sure she was clean, and she was. They are such good cousins, I'm sure that story will come up quite a bit when they are older.
Irene is really into anything that is girly, or anything that is remotely related to princesses (something a princess would wear, any types of crowns, even my gold headband because to her it almost resembles a crown) so after they went for Gelato she came home with chocolate ALL OVER her, it was everywhere. It was also all over her favorite dress that she has been wearing for over a week straight. So I put her in the shower and I quickly went laid out all of her dresses and skirts on her bed and hid her dirty dress. When I was finished showering her and brought her into the room I was terrified there was going to be a huge meltdown over not finding her favorite dress, but there wasn't at all. The look on her face was one similar to a kid on christmas morning. She had a hard time picking which pink shirt and pink skirt looked good on her, and I brought out some nylon type stockings and said "do you want to wear these too", I was really praying she would say yes because it's not very warm here right now and those would keep her a little warmer, and she said "ooooohh yeeessssss" and picked some pink ones, of course. She was smiling the whole time, and after she was dressed she twirled around and around, it was adorable. Minia came into the room after she was dressed and her hair was blow dried and after I had pretended to put make up on her and said "bella, Irene". It was too adorable.
For dinner Zia Natalia made rabbit again but they bought me some speck because they figured I wouldn't want to eat more bunny, but I was thinking yesterday that I don't want them to think I'm picky, and I should try to eat some more bunny because it actually wasn't that bad, I really needed to just not think about what I was eating which is what I do when I eat lamb. But then while we were eating Eliana found the small bunny heart in her pile of bunny meat. So after that happened my mind will forever be pro-bunny-life, I'm boycotting the killing of bunnies by not eating bunny meat ever again.

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