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Finally home to Pisa!!

back to good weather and the beach

sunny 35 °C

I didn't write anything more about the last week I spent in Fulgaria because nothing eventful happened at all! The only thing worth writing about would be that I had a beer with a couple players from the Naples football team, but I didn't know who they were at the time! The bartender who let me use the pubs wifi for free told me after who they were! At first I didn't believe him but now I'm pretty sure that he wasn't lying to me about who they were. The only part about it that makes me not believe they were actually on the team was that they were in a pub drinking beer in a town that the team was only in because they were training at the sports facility there. I just don't think that men who play football for a real team would be drinking beer while they were training, but europeans are strange so it also wouldn't surprise me. But anyways when the bartender told me I was shocked, but the "players" weren't cool or nice or anything like I imagined "pro" footballers would be like. They weren't even goodlooking!

On Friday Fabrizio and Silvia came to the house in the Alps and on Saturday morning we left and went to another town in another area of the Alps. When we got there we went on a very short very easy hike up a small mountain. A couple years ago Silvia got really sick and she is still trying to regain a lot of her strength that she lost, so while we were doing this small hike she told me that even though it was easy for everyone else it was very strenuous for her. I felt really awkward when she told me that it was strenuous for her because it was it was so easy and I knew she wasn't saying this to me so I could feel bad for her so I just didn't really know what to say to that. She is really tough though, she is trying very hard to get back to the condition she was in before she got sick and she really pushes herself quite hard!! The next day we got up early and had breakfast and went to another mountain to go for another hike. We took a gondola about half way up the mountain and got to this place where there was a ton of things set up for kids to do. There were the bouncy castles and some trampolines and pretty much every other outdoor piece of equipment kids can play with, it was really nice and it was all free! We played there for a little bit and then we started our long hike! I thought that it would be easy ecause Silvia couldn't really do hard stuff but I was wrong! We did a 4 hour hike that was pretty hard, about 50% of it was pretty steep and the other half wasn't as bad but not like the small hike we did the day before. My legs were so sore yesterday, but it was worth it!! When we got to the top of the mountain it had a fantastic view of the dolomite alps and the valley where the town was so we sat there and had lunch, it was gorgeous! During the summer the farmers take the cows up to the mountains to graze so while we were walking there was cow poop everywhere. Irene has a habit of pointing to things and asking how to say them in English. So while we were walking Irene kept pointing to the cow poop and saying "cow poop". She must have said it about 200 times. After a while she started incorporating the sizes of the poop, so it turned into her saying "biiiiiiiiiiig cow poop", "little cow poop" etc etc, it was too cute. After we came back down the mountain we started our 6 hour car ride back to Pisa.

Yesterday I took Irene to the beach with a couple of her friends and their babysitter. Their babysitter is 26 and pretty fluent in english but after we were there for about an hour I was playing with all three girls in the water and we went back to the chairs and umbrella and she was asleep. It was about lunch time so I had to wake her up to find out where the girls lunches were, and after lunch we all laid our towels out and had naps. Most of us woke up around the same time and their babysitter kept sleeping. She slept pretty much the whole day and so I was in charge of all the girls and making sure everyone was okay and doing what they were supposed to be doing and then some people that I know from the community I live in were at the same beach so I was socializing with them and meeting some other people, it was so tough and I was so frustrated with the other nanny's laziness. I was a little offended too that she just expected me to do everything, she didn't even offer to help at all. The only time she got out of the chair was to go eat lunch, she went to the cafeteria for about an hour then came back and slept some more. Tomorrow we are going to the same beach again with the same girls and their nanny so if it happens again I think I'm going to have to say something, or ask her to pay me for doing her job!!!

Today me and Irene went to the beach where Fabrizio and Silvia have chairs and hung out then we came home a little earlier then normal and she went to a friends and I just hung out around here. We had some company over for dinner and we had the most amazing home made pasta I have ever tasted! I love that Italians make a lot of the food they eat from scratch in their own home! There isn't a lot of store bought or processed things here, so healthy! Tomorrow I will start writing again daily because I have a steady connection to the internet again finally! I can't remember if I mentioned this before or not but if you look on the right hand side of the screen there is a button you can click to subscribe to my blog and then you'll be notified through your email when I post a new entry! I also spent a lot of time tonight posting pictures to facebook so I am completely updated with everything now! YAY finally!

ciao love and miss everyone! <3

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