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Im so behind!

I'm so bad at procrastinating.

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I can't believe how horribly behind I am at updating this. I have been pretty busy recently so when I get some down time I have been devoting it to writing emails and facebooking my friends and then sleeping, so now even though I'm super tired I'm going to update at least a little bit!! I wrote about Florence but it didn't save so I'm going to just write one about today and then tomorrow I will write AGAIN about Florence, and from now on I am legitimately going to blog every single day again!!

I have to first start this entry by thanking my Uncle Bill for sending me a fantastic book that has already been a huge help teaching Irene english!! He sent me the Oxford Picture Encyclopedia and I can't believe how actually useful it is. There is so much stuff in there that never even crossed my mind as something Irene needs to understand to learn the english language. It's also a Canadian edition so it helps to show her a little bit of my culture. Along with this he sent me a letter and gave me some suggestions about my blog and they were all really constructive and I really appreciated it!! Fabrizio and SIlvia also really appreciated it because they realize what a valuable tool the book is for Irene! I love random nice little things like that, it really means a lot to me!! So thank you Uncle!!

The last couple weeks have been quite busy with all our vacationing and things like that, but now were all back in the house and everyone is working again so things are getting back to normal.

I have been taking Irene to the beach everyday now, and I am also taking her best friend Margherita as well. I really like Margherita, she is good and understands exactly what no means which makes my life so much easier. It's also easier in a way to take care of two girls who are best friends because most of the time they aren't even concerned with me being there. I do spend most of the time swimming with them or playing with them at the park that is inside the beach but because I'm still not completely used to all the sun and the heat if I don't want to be in the sun it is okay for me to sit down on the benches in this shaded area. Irene didn't let me have this luxury before and I was ALWAYS in the sun and just being in the sun so much can be exhausting. Keeping Margherita has also reminded me of how hard it was with Irene at first with the language barrier. I'm so happy I know so much more Italian now then I did before because Margherita knows no english at all and doesn't understand that I don't always understand every single thing that she says. Irene has also been very good with translating between us if need be!!

Today it was only me and Irene at the beach because Margherita was in Calabria visiting her grandparents and I actually had probably one of the funnest days I have ever had with her!! Yesterday I downloaded both cd's by aqua and Irene LOVES the song barbie girl! On the bus this morning she was singing it pretty loudly and people were laughing, it's especially cute because of her accent and because she doesn't know all the words well yet!! I laughed the whole bus ride, too cute!! Then as we were supposed to get off Irene took too long so we missed getting off at the stop but it's not really a big deal because the next stop isn't really that far out of the way but as we were driving by the entrance to the private beach she yelled "oh no, oh my goodness"and again people laughed. She got the 'oh my goodness' thing from me because I say it all the time but that was the first time where she said it without repeating it after me, she's like a little parrot! I need to be careful of what I say! :) It rained for about 10 minutes this afternoon and the water was really rough so we didn't do a lot of swimming, we tanned (I got Irene into tanning !!) and colored and sat on the rocks and watched the waves for so long. Later Fabrizio's cousin came and picked us up and we went to the villa he's staying in and swam in the pool there and that was a lot of fun, and then we came home and had dinner!

Fabrizio's cousin and family ALL don't speak any english so it's been really good for my Italian! I'm getting more and more confidant in my Italian, I really love the language and whether or not I stay in Italy I am determined to learn the language and become fluent. Learning a second language is so valuable in the world today that I think it's completely necessary that I learn one and I've already come pretty far with Italian I'm not starting over with another language, and besides there really isn't another language I'm actually interested in learning! I don't care to learn French, I know enough Spanish (por favor, gracias, dos cervesa), German is ugly, same with Russian, Greek, Chinese etc.. Arabic is pretty looking but I can't really see it ever benefitting me, and I'd never be able to read the charactors, so I'll just stick with Italian!!

The situation as it stands right now is if I don't get a job working at the hostel in Venice then I think that I will be home on September 18th :(, which is like just over two weeks away. I'm not ready to go home but there isn't a lot I can do to stay here. School is expensive and I can't work if I get a student visa so I would have no way of supporting myself. I need to have a job before I get a working visa. On September 18th my 90 days I can stay in Italy are up and I need a visa to be here or else I will get fined and since time is running out so quickly if I don't get this job then I'm heading back to Canada - unfortunately! I really hope that everything works out and I can stay here because I love it here and I'm so happy here, I'm not ready to go back to Canada and assume the routine I had before, I really really like experiencing new things. I was so scared coming here alone because I worried that I might just hate it and want to get back to Canada to be where I'm comfortable but I actually like being a little bit uncomfortable with things and pushing myself to do stuff I wouldn't ever normally do. I love Canada and miss it a lot but Italy just has too much to offer for me to want to go back to Canada at this point.
I'm praying that things go my way and I can stay, and I would love it if everyone else would help me out and do the same for me!!

Love and miss everyone and I promise to keep this updated every day from now on!!
<3 <3

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