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So the last 3 weeks haven't been too exciting but a few significant things have happened. Most recently I left the family I was living with and now I am in Germany staying with a friend that lives here while I get some visa issues worked out.

But the last couple weeks I spent in Pisa was an up and down of emotions. I took Irene to the beach quite a bit because the weather was fantastic went to Florence a couple more times to hang out with friends, it was the last few weeks I noticed how good my Italian was actually getting, it was really nice and I can't wait to get back to Italy and resume my Italian speaking again. I brought my Italian books with me to Germany so I can keep practicing my Italian when I have some time to kill. For my last little bit in Pisa Silvia became super, super harsh. I don't honestly know how many times I cried myself to sleep at night because she was just unbearable to live with at times. I was absolutely miserable and debated coming home because sometimes I would be so frustrated with her and how I was being treated I almost didn't really realize that as soon as I was out of Pisa I was going to be relieved, and I didn't necessarily have to be in Canada to be happy again. In Canada I would have really stuck up for myself but with her I honestly was just way too intimidated to do anything about it, it was so weird - I've never really felt like that in my life.
On the final night of my stay in Pisa I was upstairs in my room and Fabrizio came up to talk about something to do with our agreement. It had to do with money and because I was really relying on this money to get me through my time in Germany and my first bit in Venice and I was about to seriously get screwed over I stood up for myself - finally. First I had a huge breakdown and just cried and then I called my mum to tell her I was going to have to come home because I just didn't have enough money to support myself. She of course calmed me down and reassured me that everything would be okay and after I had a good conversation with her I got off the phone and Fabrizio came up to talk to me again. At that point I really, really did not want to talk to him at all, if I could have I would have left when the whole fight began because that was my absolute breaking point. Money is a terribly awkward issue with anyone but at my age I don't really have the confidence to talk to people about it really so I suppose I take some fault for assuming but I also don't think that the way they went about it was right at all. We had an au pair agreement previously arranged before I went to Pisa and in my opinion they broke what we agreed on but it's over with now and I really don't have to deal with them again in my life if I don't want to so I'm not going to waste any more energy worrying about what did/didn't happen. But anyways, when Fabrizio came up to talk again we ended up having a bit of a reflective talk about the whole experience and knowing that I was leaving in about 8 hours I just kind of layed everything out there and told him how bad I had been feeling and really told him what I was unhappy with. It felt so good getting it all out (well most of how I felt, I withheld some things - like how rude it was for them to blare classical music at 7am when I'm trying to sleep, and that I don't think it was right they didn't tell me that my room didn't really have a door on it) and just getting it all off my chest, such a liberating feeling. I was so happy with the talk that we had and I never said anything to try and hurt his feelings but I really hope they understand that some things need to change if they get another au pair. But anyways after the talk we had I did some packing and went to bed.

The next day I got up and Silvia and Irene were leaving because Irene had to go to school and Silvia had to go to work, when we were all standing in the living room saying our goodbyes but Silvia said something a little off handed which basically put me to blame for the misunderstanding we had which normally would have infuriated me but I didn't really care because I was leaving in a couple hours. Fabrizio took me to the train station after and we said our goodbyes and I thought that I would feel a lot more sad but I was just so relieved, it was a good feeling.

I found a ride to Germany from a woman in Pisa and it was actually pretty cool. There were 3 of us, a girl who worked on a boat for the last 5 months, then the driver who was dutch. We drove up Italy, through Switzerland, and into Germany. By the time we got to Germany it was really really late so we started looking for a bed and breakfast to stay in, but it was pretty hard to find something with any availability but we ended up sleeping in one that was actually in France. I honestly had no idea we were in France until the next day when we were in the car leaving the area and I saw a sign. Europe is so weird that you can be in another country without even knowing it, I like it though!! It's cool to say I was in 4 countries in one day!

I got dropped off in Bonn, Germany and took the train from there to Erfurt, Germany where I am staying. I had another weird experience on the train but this time not so scary, not really creepy, just strange. I had my big suitcase with me and at the train station which weighs about 50lbs and I had to walk up some stairs and this guy who was around my age, good looking, carried it up the stairs for me and he was local so he was talking to me in German but I don't speak/understand German so we continued the conversation in English. We were both waiting on the same platform just for different trains and we were talking about traveling and stuff and he seemed super nice and just an outgoing type person when all of a sudden he asks me "Do you want to come to Paris with me?" I was so caught off guard I had no idea what to say and I was just kind of like "um my plans are quite set on going to Erfurt" and he just took it and kind of continued the conversation like it was nothing? It was so weird I can't even explain it. It was a little cute though, it made me smile. Otherwise the train was not so eventful, I sat in first class both trains I was on and it was so cool, the trains here are gorgeous it was unreal.

I got to Erfurt and Graham and his friends Rhys and Srdj met me on the platform and we took the train to Graham's appartment! I know Graham from home, his older sister is one of my close friends and I'm pretty close with his whole family, so it's sooooo nice to be around something familiar. Graham plays soccer here in Germany so he lives with 3 other guys who play for the same club so the apartment is a little busy but it's nice and relaxed and I like it. He is a really good guy and insisted I'm not living out of a suitcase so he made me some room in his closet for my clothes and cleared a shelf for my toiletries and a couple other nice little things. The first night we really didn't do a lot, we went grocery shopping and bought some food for a while, then came back here and hung out. Yesterday was my first full day here and I went to my first pro football game!! It was for the pro team of the club that Graham plays for. The game was pretty cool, people are so passionate about football and I love seeing it! Then after the game we all went downtown in Erfurt and they kind of showed me around! I like Germany so far, it's beautiful, the architecture here is a bit different then Italy and more modern because of all the bombing during the second world war but I like it! Today we went and watched Graham's actual team play, he didn't play today so we kind of just hung out and watched, but ITS SO COLD here and I don't have winter clothes yet so I spent a lot of time concentrating on not being so cold. It's been pretty chilled here and Graham keeps apologizing about it not being more exciting but I honestly don't care what I am doing because for the last 3 months I didn't stop moving so I appreciate this more then he could understand. Right now were laying in the bed and I am writing and he is watching the Chelsea game on his lap top but I wouldn't have it any other way, it's nice. Being here I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders because I'm not working 24/7 and under complete control and getting bitched at for silly things like I was in Pisa. I'm so happy to be gone from there I don't care if my time here isn't so exciting.

It's not like it's going to be boring here, tomorrow I'm going to Berlin to apply for a visa and staying the night and doing some touristy things the next day then coming back to Erfurt, then next weekend Graham has free so were going to go to a concentration camp that is pretty close and do a couple other things! I'm excited for this nice little break between jobs, even though I'm still going to be pretty stressed just because I'm so worried about my visa stuff not getting worked out, but whatever!
That is pretty much all I have to write for now!
I love and miss everyone from home and I'll see everyone around Christmas time!
ciao ciao <3

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