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still in germany

the last couple weeks !!

I'm still in Germany and I really like it here, it's nice, where I'm staying is relaxed and fun but I'm getting antsy and I want to get to Venice and start working. My plans changed a bit though and I am going to go to Amsterdam for a couple days and then go to Venice. I'm super excited to go to Amsterdam, not in the "I want to see some hookers and smoke some weed" way that a lot of people my age would be, but I have read the Diary of Anne Frank a few times and I'm really interested in seeing her house and there is a couple other museums that I really want to see. I don't really like modern art but I want to see the Van Gogh museum because it's not just about his art but about his life as well and he was a little crazy so that should be interesting!

So where I left off I was going to go to the Rott-Weiss Erfurt vs. Carl Zeiss Jena game. I was really excited because it was going to be crazy. The night before the game we went out to the bar downtown and I was really excited because I heard the clubbing in Germany was supposed to be crazy but I was a little let down. The club that we went to was playing rap and music that I don't really listen to so it was hard to dance, and I was the only girl with 5 boys. In Canada I can go out with only the boys and enjoy myself but it was hard that night because I didn't really know any of the boys yet so I almost felt a little awkward sometimes. I did have fun and it was a good night but I guess I just had a little higher expectations for it! The football game was the next day and so we woke up early to get ready, we were all a little hungover so no one was really moving too quickly. Graham and I got into a little bit of a fight after the bar so the next day I was being a baby about it and it was raining pretty heavily so when we got to the stadium I really wasn't excited about anything and I ended up leaving before kick off and Rhys and Graham stayed. The police blocked off the walk way that you need to go down to get to the tram and I was all alone, in tears (I was serious when I said I was being a baby about our fight), don't know the language so one of the police officers walked me to the corner of a road and told me where to go, but walking there with him was so awkward. He asked me what I was doing in Germany and all that type of stuff, I left out the part that I'm here illegally though! He was kind of hot and his accent when he spoke English was cute but I was mad he wouldn't just let go through the park to get the tram!! So I didn't get to see the game but it's not really a big deal. Apparently after the game there was a huge riot downtown and the Jena fans attacked the police and stuff!! People here take football quite seriously!

The next day we got up kind of early and took the train to Weimar and went to the Buchenwald concentration camp. I've mentioned it before but I'm a geek and am super interested in history so I was really excited to go, but so nervous just because I didn't really know exactly what to expect. I thought that I would be a mess but I only teared up twice. Once was when we went into the crematorium, and the other time was when I was watching a video in this museum part and a little German boy was sitting beside me with his mum just bawling his eyes out. The crematorium was so weird, when we walked in we kind of all went silent and just stared at it, I was so afraid to walk towards it and look inside, it made me sick to my stomach. I hate that this happened to so many people, its absolutely heartbreaking. People still leave flowers and other things there for the dead and it makes me happy that people still respect it in that way and keep the memory of the murdered people alive, had I known this happened I probably would have brought some flowers too. While we were outside walking around I made a comment about a German family that was there that brought their son who was probably about 12 and I said that I didn't think that it was appropriate to bring someone that age there because I thought he probably just wouldn't understand. But there was one building in the camp that had been turned into a museum and I was sitting watching video footage of the camp, and the mum and the boy sat down beside me and a couple minutes later I looked over and realized the boy was bawling his eyes out. I immediately regretted what I had said about the boy not understanding, because clearly he did. I tried to sit there but it was awkward and I was about to cry so I got up and started looking for the boys. We spent a couple hours at the camp and then we left and made our way back to Erfurt.

The next few days were weird. I debated whether or not I was going to write about this, but I think I should. September 29 & 30th are going to be weird days for the rest of my life. On Sept 29 2007 I went to a house party and one of my bestfriends, Matt Mckay, was murdered. It kind of spreads over two days because we went to the party on the night of the 29th but it all happened so close to midnight that he wasn't technically declared deceased until Sept 30th. Usually on the anniversary or on Matt's birthday all my friends get together and we go to Boston Pizza in Riverbend, or to the Riverbend station and hang out and have dinner. So this is the first time I haven't been surrounded by all my friends and family and it was really, really hard. I didn't want to do anything in the couple days before and I really didn't want to do anything on the actual day. It was hard, I was so bummed out all the time, it sucked. I hate that this happened and that it's something that will bother me for the rest of my life but there is nothing that can change what happened I just have to deal with it. I miss Matt more then words could ever explain and I'm still so broken hearted over the fact that he's no longer here but there isn't anything that can be done to bring him back so all there is to do is keep him in my heart and move forward. I think about him daily and I know that he is okay now so that is comforting.

Last weekend was alright, it was laid back we didn't really do much. Srdj's girlfriend, Kayla, got here on Monday so I've been hanging out with her a little bit and Rhys is injured so him and I have also been hanging out quite a bit. They also bought fifa 2011 for xbox so I have been playing that quite a bit and doing some baking. I baked Kayla a 'Welcome to Germany' cake ..but it got eaten before she even got here! oops! One afternoon me and Rhys were downtown and we discovered the absolutely most amazing ice cream place ever. It's exactly like the gelato shops in Italy and they have such good flavors, and one of the women that works there speaks Italian and she is basically my new best friend in Erfurt, we've been there so many times in the last couple days and her and I have cute little conversations in Italian, I actually love it!

The boys had a free day today so last night we tried to go to Oktoberfest but the beer gardens were closed for the night so we just went to an Irish Pub and played 'Never have I ever', it was pretty fun, I enjoyed myself, we didn't leave there until it closed! I really want to drink a beer out of a glass boot though and I didn't get to last night so hopefully this weekend we will go back when the beer gardens are open! On the tram on the way back to the boys apartment we were all sitting at the back talking and having fun when this drunk German guy yelled something about how we shouldn't be speaking english and eventually it led to the DG (drunk German) coming back and getting in the face of Graham's German roommate Philip, it was really tense for a bit and I was actually a little bit scared. I know that East Germans aren't particularly fond of foreigners but I never expected to experience an outburst, the boys have lived here since January and haven't ever had something like that happen to them! It's crazy that there is still problems like that.
Today we all just kind of hung around for the morning and took our time getting ready and we all went downtown together and had lunch and got some ice cream, then we went to Oktoberfest. We didn't go in the beer gardens we just went on some of the rides and walked around! It was nice and relaxed!

But I am going to go to bed because I'm tired and Graham has to get up early tomorrow for training so he's going to bed as well.
I'll write again before I go to Amsterdam!

I love and miss everyone!!
xoxox Kenny

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