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ciao deutschland

tataa for now Germany!!

I'm currently on my way to Amsterdam and I'm sitting on a train and I have nothing else to do so I might as well write while I'm listening to music!!
First of all, I love that I can sit and have my laptop plugged in while I'm on the train, it makes time go by so much faster, in Italy the trains were so gross and in such bad shape there was no plug ins! I have to switch trains in Duisburg to get to Amsterdam and I think the next train that I get on will probably have wifi too, which will make me even happier, except I'm sure it will probably cost money..
Leaving Erfurt was kind of sad, I really enjoyed my time there, it was so different from Italy. It wasn't different only in the sense that I was in a different country with a totally different culture, but I was with people my age who I actually enjoyed spending my days with, and thats what made it so sad to leave! I met probably almost as many people in the 3 weeks I was in Erfurt as I did during the 3 months I was in Italy. In the end going to Germany was kind of pointless because I didn't get my visa issues worked out but it was such a relief to go and just hang out and relax, I had so much fun. I was staying with 4 footballers who are all my age, and people say that 15% of all communication between people is joking, but I think in that apartment 90% of the communication is some type of banter, 8% is talking about football - wether it's talking about the boys next training session or game, how their favorite team is doing or even about who the sexiest football player is - and the other 2% of communication that goes on in that apartment might be some type of serious conversation. All that said, it was a really laid back environment, I don't really know if I'm going to explain this well but the atmosphere in Germany kind of made up for some of the unhappiness that I experienced in Italy.

The last few days were nice because the boys had a bit more free time so we were all kind of hanging out together a bit more, and having Kayla there was nice too because I had been surrounded with boys for a couple weeks so it was nice to have a girl there! One day while the boys were at football we hung out and watched teen mom and a couple other girlier type shows on my laptop and I've been watching those shows since I've been in Europe but it was nice to have some female company! It was also nice to be able to talk to her about what I should wear when we went out or something, because I could ask Graham what he thought I should wear but he never really knew what to say which made me laugh but it's also kind of annoying because I need some input!

On Saturday night we all went out to a bar called musikpark and I had so much fun! They had 3 different rooms with different types of music so it was nice we could go dance in the house music area and then go to another room and kind of hang out listening to hip hop music. We didn't get home until like 7am and who knows what time we went to bed but yesterday I woke up at about 10am to clean something up and ended up going back to bed and I slept until like 330pm! It was such a waste of my last full day in Erfurt but I was just so tired from the night before, it was worth it though! So yesterday none of us were really up to doing much we just hung out around the house and took it easy. We watched some jersey shore, I skyped with a few different people, and there was also quite a few jokes about where a toilet is located in a house and a submission the fml website! ;).

While I was skyping with my friend Amy her mum came and talked to me and we talked about my blog a little bit, and she told me that she thinks I am a good writer and mentioned that she thinks I should just travel and blog for a job. That's pretty much my dream job right now, I wish I was getting paid for writing this. I am going to go to school in the future but I would love to live like a gypsy for a while longer and just keep doing what I'm doing experiencing different things and writing about them. Sometimes writing this can feel like a bit of a chore but I actually really love to write. At first I was kind of self conscious about what I was writing just because I wasn't really sure who was reading it, but I've gotten over that and I feel like I've been being a lot more honest in my blog. I've even started following a few blogs online, I'm like addicted, I've even caught myself thinking "I need to remember to blog about this" if anything significant happens. I've also been reading a couple music blogs and one blog on the cosmopolitan website and I'm truly jealous that other people are being paid for it!! This trip has shown me a lot more about what I'm interested in which should help me make a decision about what I want to do in the future but it's just confusing me even more. I wish making decisions about the future was easier, this is such important years of my life. I need to meet Peter Pan and live in Neverland because I don't really want to grow up.

Today I just packed and got ready to make my way to Amsterdam, there really wasn't a lot of time for anything. When we were on the tram on the way to the train station Graham told me to close my eyes and I argued a little bit because I thought he was going to like play a trick on me but finally I closed my eyes and then I opened them and there was an envelope with my name on it, and I opened it and it was a card! It said "danke" (thank-you in German) and they all wrote a little message for me inside, it was so sweet. I really don't know why they're thanking me, because I owe them all big time for letting me stay, but it melted my heart a little bit! I thought I was going to cry, (I'm tearing up right now writing about it) I like nice little cute things like that!! A couple other people that I met who live in Erfurt wrote on my wall on facebook saying goodbye and telling me to have a safe trip in Amsterdam and I really appreciated that too!! It's all about the little things in life!

So thats the last couple days in Germany, I'm now on my second train and about an hour away from Amsterdam! I sat in first class again and got away with it yet again, there is wifi but it's so expensive I'm not even going to bother paying for it I don't really need it because I'm reading a good book about la cosa nostra anyways! I'm so excited for Amsterdam it's unreal!

Love and Miss everyone!!

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