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ciao deutschland

tataa for now Germany!!

I'm currently on my way to Amsterdam and I'm sitting on a train and I have nothing else to do so I might as well write while I'm listening to music!!
First of all, I love that I can sit and have my laptop plugged in while I'm on the train, it makes time go by so much faster, in Italy the trains were so gross and in such bad shape there was no plug ins! I have to switch trains in Duisburg to get to Amsterdam and I think the next train that I get on will probably have wifi too, which will make me even happier, except I'm sure it will probably cost money..
Leaving Erfurt was kind of sad, I really enjoyed my time there, it was so different from Italy. It wasn't different only in the sense that I was in a different country with a totally different culture, but I was with people my age who I actually enjoyed spending my days with, and thats what made it so sad to leave! I met probably almost as many people in the 3 weeks I was in Erfurt as I did during the 3 months I was in Italy. In the end going to Germany was kind of pointless because I didn't get my visa issues worked out but it was such a relief to go and just hang out and relax, I had so much fun. I was staying with 4 footballers who are all my age, and people say that 15% of all communication between people is joking, but I think in that apartment 90% of the communication is some type of banter, 8% is talking about football - wether it's talking about the boys next training session or game, how their favorite team is doing or even about who the sexiest football player is - and the other 2% of communication that goes on in that apartment might be some type of serious conversation. All that said, it was a really laid back environment, I don't really know if I'm going to explain this well but the atmosphere in Germany kind of made up for some of the unhappiness that I experienced in Italy.

The last few days were nice because the boys had a bit more free time so we were all kind of hanging out together a bit more, and having Kayla there was nice too because I had been surrounded with boys for a couple weeks so it was nice to have a girl there! One day while the boys were at football we hung out and watched teen mom and a couple other girlier type shows on my laptop and I've been watching those shows since I've been in Europe but it was nice to have some female company! It was also nice to be able to talk to her about what I should wear when we went out or something, because I could ask Graham what he thought I should wear but he never really knew what to say which made me laugh but it's also kind of annoying because I need some input!

On Saturday night we all went out to a bar called musikpark and I had so much fun! They had 3 different rooms with different types of music so it was nice we could go dance in the house music area and then go to another room and kind of hang out listening to hip hop music. We didn't get home until like 7am and who knows what time we went to bed but yesterday I woke up at about 10am to clean something up and ended up going back to bed and I slept until like 330pm! It was such a waste of my last full day in Erfurt but I was just so tired from the night before, it was worth it though! So yesterday none of us were really up to doing much we just hung out around the house and took it easy. We watched some jersey shore, I skyped with a few different people, and there was also quite a few jokes about where a toilet is located in a house and a submission the fml website! ;).

While I was skyping with my friend Amy her mum came and talked to me and we talked about my blog a little bit, and she told me that she thinks I am a good writer and mentioned that she thinks I should just travel and blog for a job. That's pretty much my dream job right now, I wish I was getting paid for writing this. I am going to go to school in the future but I would love to live like a gypsy for a while longer and just keep doing what I'm doing experiencing different things and writing about them. Sometimes writing this can feel like a bit of a chore but I actually really love to write. At first I was kind of self conscious about what I was writing just because I wasn't really sure who was reading it, but I've gotten over that and I feel like I've been being a lot more honest in my blog. I've even started following a few blogs online, I'm like addicted, I've even caught myself thinking "I need to remember to blog about this" if anything significant happens. I've also been reading a couple music blogs and one blog on the cosmopolitan website and I'm truly jealous that other people are being paid for it!! This trip has shown me a lot more about what I'm interested in which should help me make a decision about what I want to do in the future but it's just confusing me even more. I wish making decisions about the future was easier, this is such important years of my life. I need to meet Peter Pan and live in Neverland because I don't really want to grow up.

Today I just packed and got ready to make my way to Amsterdam, there really wasn't a lot of time for anything. When we were on the tram on the way to the train station Graham told me to close my eyes and I argued a little bit because I thought he was going to like play a trick on me but finally I closed my eyes and then I opened them and there was an envelope with my name on it, and I opened it and it was a card! It said "danke" (thank-you in German) and they all wrote a little message for me inside, it was so sweet. I really don't know why they're thanking me, because I owe them all big time for letting me stay, but it melted my heart a little bit! I thought I was going to cry, (I'm tearing up right now writing about it) I like nice little cute things like that!! A couple other people that I met who live in Erfurt wrote on my wall on facebook saying goodbye and telling me to have a safe trip in Amsterdam and I really appreciated that too!! It's all about the little things in life!

So thats the last couple days in Germany, I'm now on my second train and about an hour away from Amsterdam! I sat in first class again and got away with it yet again, there is wifi but it's so expensive I'm not even going to bother paying for it I don't really need it because I'm reading a good book about la cosa nostra anyways! I'm so excited for Amsterdam it's unreal!

Love and Miss everyone!!

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still in germany

the last couple weeks !!

I'm still in Germany and I really like it here, it's nice, where I'm staying is relaxed and fun but I'm getting antsy and I want to get to Venice and start working. My plans changed a bit though and I am going to go to Amsterdam for a couple days and then go to Venice. I'm super excited to go to Amsterdam, not in the "I want to see some hookers and smoke some weed" way that a lot of people my age would be, but I have read the Diary of Anne Frank a few times and I'm really interested in seeing her house and there is a couple other museums that I really want to see. I don't really like modern art but I want to see the Van Gogh museum because it's not just about his art but about his life as well and he was a little crazy so that should be interesting!

So where I left off I was going to go to the Rott-Weiss Erfurt vs. Carl Zeiss Jena game. I was really excited because it was going to be crazy. The night before the game we went out to the bar downtown and I was really excited because I heard the clubbing in Germany was supposed to be crazy but I was a little let down. The club that we went to was playing rap and music that I don't really listen to so it was hard to dance, and I was the only girl with 5 boys. In Canada I can go out with only the boys and enjoy myself but it was hard that night because I didn't really know any of the boys yet so I almost felt a little awkward sometimes. I did have fun and it was a good night but I guess I just had a little higher expectations for it! The football game was the next day and so we woke up early to get ready, we were all a little hungover so no one was really moving too quickly. Graham and I got into a little bit of a fight after the bar so the next day I was being a baby about it and it was raining pretty heavily so when we got to the stadium I really wasn't excited about anything and I ended up leaving before kick off and Rhys and Graham stayed. The police blocked off the walk way that you need to go down to get to the tram and I was all alone, in tears (I was serious when I said I was being a baby about our fight), don't know the language so one of the police officers walked me to the corner of a road and told me where to go, but walking there with him was so awkward. He asked me what I was doing in Germany and all that type of stuff, I left out the part that I'm here illegally though! He was kind of hot and his accent when he spoke English was cute but I was mad he wouldn't just let go through the park to get the tram!! So I didn't get to see the game but it's not really a big deal. Apparently after the game there was a huge riot downtown and the Jena fans attacked the police and stuff!! People here take football quite seriously!

The next day we got up kind of early and took the train to Weimar and went to the Buchenwald concentration camp. I've mentioned it before but I'm a geek and am super interested in history so I was really excited to go, but so nervous just because I didn't really know exactly what to expect. I thought that I would be a mess but I only teared up twice. Once was when we went into the crematorium, and the other time was when I was watching a video in this museum part and a little German boy was sitting beside me with his mum just bawling his eyes out. The crematorium was so weird, when we walked in we kind of all went silent and just stared at it, I was so afraid to walk towards it and look inside, it made me sick to my stomach. I hate that this happened to so many people, its absolutely heartbreaking. People still leave flowers and other things there for the dead and it makes me happy that people still respect it in that way and keep the memory of the murdered people alive, had I known this happened I probably would have brought some flowers too. While we were outside walking around I made a comment about a German family that was there that brought their son who was probably about 12 and I said that I didn't think that it was appropriate to bring someone that age there because I thought he probably just wouldn't understand. But there was one building in the camp that had been turned into a museum and I was sitting watching video footage of the camp, and the mum and the boy sat down beside me and a couple minutes later I looked over and realized the boy was bawling his eyes out. I immediately regretted what I had said about the boy not understanding, because clearly he did. I tried to sit there but it was awkward and I was about to cry so I got up and started looking for the boys. We spent a couple hours at the camp and then we left and made our way back to Erfurt.

The next few days were weird. I debated whether or not I was going to write about this, but I think I should. September 29 & 30th are going to be weird days for the rest of my life. On Sept 29 2007 I went to a house party and one of my bestfriends, Matt Mckay, was murdered. It kind of spreads over two days because we went to the party on the night of the 29th but it all happened so close to midnight that he wasn't technically declared deceased until Sept 30th. Usually on the anniversary or on Matt's birthday all my friends get together and we go to Boston Pizza in Riverbend, or to the Riverbend station and hang out and have dinner. So this is the first time I haven't been surrounded by all my friends and family and it was really, really hard. I didn't want to do anything in the couple days before and I really didn't want to do anything on the actual day. It was hard, I was so bummed out all the time, it sucked. I hate that this happened and that it's something that will bother me for the rest of my life but there is nothing that can change what happened I just have to deal with it. I miss Matt more then words could ever explain and I'm still so broken hearted over the fact that he's no longer here but there isn't anything that can be done to bring him back so all there is to do is keep him in my heart and move forward. I think about him daily and I know that he is okay now so that is comforting.

Last weekend was alright, it was laid back we didn't really do much. Srdj's girlfriend, Kayla, got here on Monday so I've been hanging out with her a little bit and Rhys is injured so him and I have also been hanging out quite a bit. They also bought fifa 2011 for xbox so I have been playing that quite a bit and doing some baking. I baked Kayla a 'Welcome to Germany' cake ..but it got eaten before she even got here! oops! One afternoon me and Rhys were downtown and we discovered the absolutely most amazing ice cream place ever. It's exactly like the gelato shops in Italy and they have such good flavors, and one of the women that works there speaks Italian and she is basically my new best friend in Erfurt, we've been there so many times in the last couple days and her and I have cute little conversations in Italian, I actually love it!

The boys had a free day today so last night we tried to go to Oktoberfest but the beer gardens were closed for the night so we just went to an Irish Pub and played 'Never have I ever', it was pretty fun, I enjoyed myself, we didn't leave there until it closed! I really want to drink a beer out of a glass boot though and I didn't get to last night so hopefully this weekend we will go back when the beer gardens are open! On the tram on the way back to the boys apartment we were all sitting at the back talking and having fun when this drunk German guy yelled something about how we shouldn't be speaking english and eventually it led to the DG (drunk German) coming back and getting in the face of Graham's German roommate Philip, it was really tense for a bit and I was actually a little bit scared. I know that East Germans aren't particularly fond of foreigners but I never expected to experience an outburst, the boys have lived here since January and haven't ever had something like that happen to them! It's crazy that there is still problems like that.
Today we all just kind of hung around for the morning and took our time getting ready and we all went downtown together and had lunch and got some ice cream, then we went to Oktoberfest. We didn't go in the beer gardens we just went on some of the rides and walked around! It was nice and relaxed!

But I am going to go to bed because I'm tired and Graham has to get up early tomorrow for training so he's going to bed as well.
I'll write again before I go to Amsterdam!

I love and miss everyone!!
xoxox Kenny

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..and the last couple days

Berlin is tied with Rome for my favorite city I have ever been to, the thing about comparing them is that they offer such different things it's almost impossible to say which is better. They're both historical sites for different periods so because I'm a geek and I'm a little bit more interested in WW2 and the Cold war type stuff I think I like Berlin a bit better then Rome because I'm not as interested in the Romans and the formation of the catholic church.

When I got into Berlin I went immediately to the embassy (which is really, really nice) and I got most of what I wanted to get done accomplished. I didn't fully apply for the visa because the ambassador of Canada to Germany is away right now, but I should be getting an email either today or tomorrow letting me know the situation about my application and what they feel is the best route for me to go. Either way my options both seemed quite promising and I just can't wait to know exactly what is going on with me so that hopefully soon I can hopefully no longer be an illegal alien!!

After the embassy I went to the hostel because I didn't make a reservation before I got there I just went and I needed to make sure they had a bed available, which they did. But I kind of wish I stayed somewhere else. The hostel itself wasn't really that bad, except for the communal showers, a little awkward and I'm so happy I remembered a bathing suit, and it was very very cold but the blankets they gave were really warm and I saw mine come out of the drier so I know they were clean. It was the people who were staying in the hostel that made it so weird, hostels are usually a mixed bag of people and some of them you click with and can hang out with, but at this hostel I felt like I was in some sort of movie, everyone was strange. I was sitting on my bed on my computer and a guy asked me if we could make dinner together. This isn't uncommon for hostels especially if your only staying a night, cooking is cheaper then eating out, and sharing the cost with someone is also cheaper if your traveling alone and you want to cook because all the food gets used up and you don't have to throw it out or pack it around. I said yes because I was getting hungry and felt like that might be a good idea because it's cheap and easy, so we went to the convenience store down the street and got some spaghetti and stuff to make and we got back to the hostel and started cooking. He told me his whoooooooolee life story, rambled and rambled and rambled.. I seriously thought I was being punkd or something because he literally did not shut up, or let me add to the conversation at all. It was okay because at least there were no awkward silences but I was just like oh my god who is this guy and sometimes I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. So that's the first strange character I came across.
After dinner I had a little nap and I got woken up because my phone was vibrating so I checked my phone and had a couple messages from Graham and one from his team mate Jonas (Graham gave Jonas my number) so I was a bit surprised that I had a text from Jonas, it wasn't weird, I was just surprised. Then I called Graham and we talked for like 15 minutes about stuff but I was still laying down in my bed and I wasn't really paying attention to what was around me. After we got off the phone I got down from the bunk bed and that's when I realized that I was with the strangest group of people ever. Two lesbians were cuddling on the bed below me. I like gay people, and I'm fine with their sexual preference because as my mum always told me "everyone needs someone to love" and I truly believe that but come on, your in a hostel with other people I think it's kind of inappropriate, not to mention they were both bigger girls and hardly fit on the single bed so that also added to the awkward. (I know they were gay because they had the rainbow flags on their bags). So whatever, that's not a huge deal. Then there was this punk guy with so many piercings on his face you could hardly see skin, obviously I'm exaggerating a bit but it was far too much, and he had his eyebrows tattooed on him and was wearing makeup, so another odd ball but whatever it's just his style, maybe he thinks I'm crazy for how I dress? Who am I to judge. Then two of his friends came in and they were German but they had piercings too all over their faces, not to the extreme like the first one but still a little over board, and they all had the anarchy symbol, and that weird witchcraft symbol thing patched on their bags. Who am I to judge them though, their life, but I was still a little weirded out. Later this other guy came into the room and he was so skinny and awkward looking and he looked a little bit exhausted (or drugged out maybe) and he had the worst attitude, so arrogant, like he was gods gift to the earth and he had a little bit of a clash with the punk witchcraft kids because they were hanging their towels to dry on the steps of the ladder up to his bed, I was scared that the witchcraft kids were going to start speaking in tongues and put curses on all of us for a minute. It was pretty tense in the room from then on but I just kept to my little white girl self and stayed the hell out of that area of the room. The next morning I was the first one to wake up and have a shower and I made sure I was so quiet and made sure I didn't make any noise and interrupt anyone's sleep, mainly for the fear of being cursed or something.

I went out that day and did some touristy things around Berlin. I started off by going to the Berlin wall because it was pretty close to the hostel I was staying at. I wrote my name on it, and walked all 2.6km of what remained of it. I don't really think a lot of the tourists that go visit the wall really understand what exactly it was and how horrible of a situation it really created for the west Berliner's who were trapped behind it. There was one painting on the wall that had years written on it which represented years in which people were shot and killed when they tried to flea over the wall, and roses were stamped on it for how many people died this way during that year. One girl was looking on it, and she was like "I don't understand this it's stupid" and I seriously just wanted to smack her and tell her, not only to read what was actually written on this piece, but maybe to do a little research on what she was visiting and understand that it's a serious thing, the wall wasn't built in hopes that one day it would attract people as tourists. But after that I walked down to treptower park and saw the huge sculptures that are built on the river, which really weren't too exciting, but they're huge. After that I went to the Reichstag and saw the Brandenburg Gate, then I went to the holocaust museum and memorial site. I'm nervous to visit a concentration camp because in the holocaust museum I was so close to crying it was unbelievable, I'm going to be a mess at the real camp. In one room they read out the names of every known victim of the holocaust that was executed or believed to have died in a concentration camp, or people who died after liberation from a camp because of disease. It takes approximately 6 years, 7 months and 27 days to get through every known victim, and not surprisingly the Nazi's stopped keeping accurate records of who came into the camps and who was executed when they started realizing that they wouldn't win the war, so it's hard to say how many more months or years it could take if they knew every single persons name. It's truly heartbreaking. After that I walked to the parking lot where Hitler's bunker site is and it's nothing, it's a parking lot. There happened to be a group of english speaking highschool aged kids who were on a guided tour and the tour operator was asked why they haven't fixed what was damaged by the USSR and make it a tourist site, and he simply replied that the German government is still very much embarrassed of what Hitler did and they wouldn't want to glorify it and have people think they were profiting from something so horrible, which I agree with. Even though I went to see the site where it used to be I don't think that if you could tour the actual bunker that a lot of people would go there understanding the gravity of what they're visiting, I think some people would see it as a joke in a way. Even though I would love to see the inside of it I think the sign that says what is buried underneath the parking lot is enough, maybe even too much.
After that I went to Checkpoint Charlie, which isn't really much, I don't know what I expected but I guess it wasn't exactly what I saw. After that I just sat in starbucks and used free wifi for a while because I had to get the train kind of soon and I was a little tired from walking around all day with my big backpack. When I got to the train station my mum called me and we had a nice little chat and caught up a little bit. Then I got on the train and started my journey back to Erfurt. I sat in first class again and the stewardess let me stay there, again. It's so nice when things like that happen. I just fell asleep and slept pretty much the whole way home.
The last couple days since I have been back haven't been so eventful. I went downtown one day and went shopping and bought 4 pairs of shoes. It sounds like I spent a lot of money but I really didn't. 3 pairs of then were 3 euros each and then the fourth pair is a pair of boots from Zara that were a little more then 3euro, but still not really all that much, and I had to buy new shoes because all I have here right now is summer clothes and I'm so sick of being so cold all the time! The boys typically have two training sessions a day so I'm home alone quite a bit and have a lot of time to kill so yesterday I baked a popcorn cake, and I wasn't so sure that it looked good at all and I was a little self conscious for the boys to see it and be like "what the hell is this?' but when they got home from the second training I was in the room and Srdj came into the room and was like "Kendahl did you make this?" and I was like "yeah" and he was like "this looks so bleeping good" (I'll let you guess what exactly he said because obviously he did not say bleeping, but I have family that reads this so I'll keep the potty mouth up to your imagination). Yesterday while the boys were at their morning training I went grocery shopping and bought some food and made chicken stir fry for them for lunch. To be honest, I didn't really think it was good, the rice was kind of hard and I was a little bit embarrassed of it kind of because I didn't want the boys to think I was a bad cook but Graham told me that Srdj wanted the recipe which made me feel good about it haha, and later srdj said to me "it was so bleeping good" made me pretty happy. These boys better miss me when I leave! I've also come to the conclusion over the last couple days that I'm going to be a goddamn good wife one day. While the boys were at their afternoon training session I just kind of napped and didn't really do too much, I cleaned up the mess I made from lunch and had a nice little skype session with Amy, and then one of the boys from Grahams team, Jonas, lives downstairs and he came up to say goodbye to me because he was leaving to go home for the weekend.
Staying here hasn't been too eventful, but I don't mind that at all, it's so nice to relax and just hang out, the boys are all really nice to me so I don't feel awkward being around here at all, and I'm really trying to make sure I'm being a good house guest, cleaning up after myself and little things like that. It's easy, I've already been here a week, it's gone by pretty quickly already! Graham has the weekend off and so tonight were going out to a club, then tomorrow were going to watch another football game of the pro team he's signed too, they're playing their biggest rivals and I saw some youtube video's and I'm excited/nervous because it gets pretty rowdy! Then Sunday I think were going to visit a concentration camp!
I'm really excited to get to Venice though. I've been trying not to concentrate on that because I'm nervous about starting a new job in a completely different setting but I have been emailing back and forth with one of the girls I work with and it seems pretty nice and relaxed, I just really hope I fit in well with everyone!

I'm going to attach pictures to this entry of my name on the Berlin wall and a couple other pictures from Berlin, and a youtube video of the football game between the two teams I'm going to watch tomorrow so everyone can see how rowdy it is, but I've never attached anything to my entries before so I hope it works, and please comment and let me know if it doesn't work!!

In the video, the Red is Rott Weiss Erfurt, who I'm cheering for, and the blue is Carl Zeiss Jena the other team.

love and miss everyone!!

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an update!

a recap of my last 3 weeks!

semi-overcast -50 °C

So the last 3 weeks haven't been too exciting but a few significant things have happened. Most recently I left the family I was living with and now I am in Germany staying with a friend that lives here while I get some visa issues worked out.

But the last couple weeks I spent in Pisa was an up and down of emotions. I took Irene to the beach quite a bit because the weather was fantastic went to Florence a couple more times to hang out with friends, it was the last few weeks I noticed how good my Italian was actually getting, it was really nice and I can't wait to get back to Italy and resume my Italian speaking again. I brought my Italian books with me to Germany so I can keep practicing my Italian when I have some time to kill. For my last little bit in Pisa Silvia became super, super harsh. I don't honestly know how many times I cried myself to sleep at night because she was just unbearable to live with at times. I was absolutely miserable and debated coming home because sometimes I would be so frustrated with her and how I was being treated I almost didn't really realize that as soon as I was out of Pisa I was going to be relieved, and I didn't necessarily have to be in Canada to be happy again. In Canada I would have really stuck up for myself but with her I honestly was just way too intimidated to do anything about it, it was so weird - I've never really felt like that in my life.
On the final night of my stay in Pisa I was upstairs in my room and Fabrizio came up to talk about something to do with our agreement. It had to do with money and because I was really relying on this money to get me through my time in Germany and my first bit in Venice and I was about to seriously get screwed over I stood up for myself - finally. First I had a huge breakdown and just cried and then I called my mum to tell her I was going to have to come home because I just didn't have enough money to support myself. She of course calmed me down and reassured me that everything would be okay and after I had a good conversation with her I got off the phone and Fabrizio came up to talk to me again. At that point I really, really did not want to talk to him at all, if I could have I would have left when the whole fight began because that was my absolute breaking point. Money is a terribly awkward issue with anyone but at my age I don't really have the confidence to talk to people about it really so I suppose I take some fault for assuming but I also don't think that the way they went about it was right at all. We had an au pair agreement previously arranged before I went to Pisa and in my opinion they broke what we agreed on but it's over with now and I really don't have to deal with them again in my life if I don't want to so I'm not going to waste any more energy worrying about what did/didn't happen. But anyways, when Fabrizio came up to talk again we ended up having a bit of a reflective talk about the whole experience and knowing that I was leaving in about 8 hours I just kind of layed everything out there and told him how bad I had been feeling and really told him what I was unhappy with. It felt so good getting it all out (well most of how I felt, I withheld some things - like how rude it was for them to blare classical music at 7am when I'm trying to sleep, and that I don't think it was right they didn't tell me that my room didn't really have a door on it) and just getting it all off my chest, such a liberating feeling. I was so happy with the talk that we had and I never said anything to try and hurt his feelings but I really hope they understand that some things need to change if they get another au pair. But anyways after the talk we had I did some packing and went to bed.

The next day I got up and Silvia and Irene were leaving because Irene had to go to school and Silvia had to go to work, when we were all standing in the living room saying our goodbyes but Silvia said something a little off handed which basically put me to blame for the misunderstanding we had which normally would have infuriated me but I didn't really care because I was leaving in a couple hours. Fabrizio took me to the train station after and we said our goodbyes and I thought that I would feel a lot more sad but I was just so relieved, it was a good feeling.

I found a ride to Germany from a woman in Pisa and it was actually pretty cool. There were 3 of us, a girl who worked on a boat for the last 5 months, then the driver who was dutch. We drove up Italy, through Switzerland, and into Germany. By the time we got to Germany it was really really late so we started looking for a bed and breakfast to stay in, but it was pretty hard to find something with any availability but we ended up sleeping in one that was actually in France. I honestly had no idea we were in France until the next day when we were in the car leaving the area and I saw a sign. Europe is so weird that you can be in another country without even knowing it, I like it though!! It's cool to say I was in 4 countries in one day!

I got dropped off in Bonn, Germany and took the train from there to Erfurt, Germany where I am staying. I had another weird experience on the train but this time not so scary, not really creepy, just strange. I had my big suitcase with me and at the train station which weighs about 50lbs and I had to walk up some stairs and this guy who was around my age, good looking, carried it up the stairs for me and he was local so he was talking to me in German but I don't speak/understand German so we continued the conversation in English. We were both waiting on the same platform just for different trains and we were talking about traveling and stuff and he seemed super nice and just an outgoing type person when all of a sudden he asks me "Do you want to come to Paris with me?" I was so caught off guard I had no idea what to say and I was just kind of like "um my plans are quite set on going to Erfurt" and he just took it and kind of continued the conversation like it was nothing? It was so weird I can't even explain it. It was a little cute though, it made me smile. Otherwise the train was not so eventful, I sat in first class both trains I was on and it was so cool, the trains here are gorgeous it was unreal.

I got to Erfurt and Graham and his friends Rhys and Srdj met me on the platform and we took the train to Graham's appartment! I know Graham from home, his older sister is one of my close friends and I'm pretty close with his whole family, so it's sooooo nice to be around something familiar. Graham plays soccer here in Germany so he lives with 3 other guys who play for the same club so the apartment is a little busy but it's nice and relaxed and I like it. He is a really good guy and insisted I'm not living out of a suitcase so he made me some room in his closet for my clothes and cleared a shelf for my toiletries and a couple other nice little things. The first night we really didn't do a lot, we went grocery shopping and bought some food for a while, then came back here and hung out. Yesterday was my first full day here and I went to my first pro football game!! It was for the pro team of the club that Graham plays for. The game was pretty cool, people are so passionate about football and I love seeing it! Then after the game we all went downtown in Erfurt and they kind of showed me around! I like Germany so far, it's beautiful, the architecture here is a bit different then Italy and more modern because of all the bombing during the second world war but I like it! Today we went and watched Graham's actual team play, he didn't play today so we kind of just hung out and watched, but ITS SO COLD here and I don't have winter clothes yet so I spent a lot of time concentrating on not being so cold. It's been pretty chilled here and Graham keeps apologizing about it not being more exciting but I honestly don't care what I am doing because for the last 3 months I didn't stop moving so I appreciate this more then he could understand. Right now were laying in the bed and I am writing and he is watching the Chelsea game on his lap top but I wouldn't have it any other way, it's nice. Being here I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders because I'm not working 24/7 and under complete control and getting bitched at for silly things like I was in Pisa. I'm so happy to be gone from there I don't care if my time here isn't so exciting.

It's not like it's going to be boring here, tomorrow I'm going to Berlin to apply for a visa and staying the night and doing some touristy things the next day then coming back to Erfurt, then next weekend Graham has free so were going to go to a concentration camp that is pretty close and do a couple other things! I'm excited for this nice little break between jobs, even though I'm still going to be pretty stressed just because I'm so worried about my visa stuff not getting worked out, but whatever!
That is pretty much all I have to write for now!
I love and miss everyone from home and I'll see everyone around Christmas time!
ciao ciao <3

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Im so behind!

I'm so bad at procrastinating.

sunny 41 °C

I can't believe how horribly behind I am at updating this. I have been pretty busy recently so when I get some down time I have been devoting it to writing emails and facebooking my friends and then sleeping, so now even though I'm super tired I'm going to update at least a little bit!! I wrote about Florence but it didn't save so I'm going to just write one about today and then tomorrow I will write AGAIN about Florence, and from now on I am legitimately going to blog every single day again!!

I have to first start this entry by thanking my Uncle Bill for sending me a fantastic book that has already been a huge help teaching Irene english!! He sent me the Oxford Picture Encyclopedia and I can't believe how actually useful it is. There is so much stuff in there that never even crossed my mind as something Irene needs to understand to learn the english language. It's also a Canadian edition so it helps to show her a little bit of my culture. Along with this he sent me a letter and gave me some suggestions about my blog and they were all really constructive and I really appreciated it!! Fabrizio and SIlvia also really appreciated it because they realize what a valuable tool the book is for Irene! I love random nice little things like that, it really means a lot to me!! So thank you Uncle!!

The last couple weeks have been quite busy with all our vacationing and things like that, but now were all back in the house and everyone is working again so things are getting back to normal.

I have been taking Irene to the beach everyday now, and I am also taking her best friend Margherita as well. I really like Margherita, she is good and understands exactly what no means which makes my life so much easier. It's also easier in a way to take care of two girls who are best friends because most of the time they aren't even concerned with me being there. I do spend most of the time swimming with them or playing with them at the park that is inside the beach but because I'm still not completely used to all the sun and the heat if I don't want to be in the sun it is okay for me to sit down on the benches in this shaded area. Irene didn't let me have this luxury before and I was ALWAYS in the sun and just being in the sun so much can be exhausting. Keeping Margherita has also reminded me of how hard it was with Irene at first with the language barrier. I'm so happy I know so much more Italian now then I did before because Margherita knows no english at all and doesn't understand that I don't always understand every single thing that she says. Irene has also been very good with translating between us if need be!!

Today it was only me and Irene at the beach because Margherita was in Calabria visiting her grandparents and I actually had probably one of the funnest days I have ever had with her!! Yesterday I downloaded both cd's by aqua and Irene LOVES the song barbie girl! On the bus this morning she was singing it pretty loudly and people were laughing, it's especially cute because of her accent and because she doesn't know all the words well yet!! I laughed the whole bus ride, too cute!! Then as we were supposed to get off Irene took too long so we missed getting off at the stop but it's not really a big deal because the next stop isn't really that far out of the way but as we were driving by the entrance to the private beach she yelled "oh no, oh my goodness"and again people laughed. She got the 'oh my goodness' thing from me because I say it all the time but that was the first time where she said it without repeating it after me, she's like a little parrot! I need to be careful of what I say! :) It rained for about 10 minutes this afternoon and the water was really rough so we didn't do a lot of swimming, we tanned (I got Irene into tanning !!) and colored and sat on the rocks and watched the waves for so long. Later Fabrizio's cousin came and picked us up and we went to the villa he's staying in and swam in the pool there and that was a lot of fun, and then we came home and had dinner!

Fabrizio's cousin and family ALL don't speak any english so it's been really good for my Italian! I'm getting more and more confidant in my Italian, I really love the language and whether or not I stay in Italy I am determined to learn the language and become fluent. Learning a second language is so valuable in the world today that I think it's completely necessary that I learn one and I've already come pretty far with Italian I'm not starting over with another language, and besides there really isn't another language I'm actually interested in learning! I don't care to learn French, I know enough Spanish (por favor, gracias, dos cervesa), German is ugly, same with Russian, Greek, Chinese etc.. Arabic is pretty looking but I can't really see it ever benefitting me, and I'd never be able to read the charactors, so I'll just stick with Italian!!

The situation as it stands right now is if I don't get a job working at the hostel in Venice then I think that I will be home on September 18th :(, which is like just over two weeks away. I'm not ready to go home but there isn't a lot I can do to stay here. School is expensive and I can't work if I get a student visa so I would have no way of supporting myself. I need to have a job before I get a working visa. On September 18th my 90 days I can stay in Italy are up and I need a visa to be here or else I will get fined and since time is running out so quickly if I don't get this job then I'm heading back to Canada - unfortunately! I really hope that everything works out and I can stay here because I love it here and I'm so happy here, I'm not ready to go back to Canada and assume the routine I had before, I really really like experiencing new things. I was so scared coming here alone because I worried that I might just hate it and want to get back to Canada to be where I'm comfortable but I actually like being a little bit uncomfortable with things and pushing myself to do stuff I wouldn't ever normally do. I love Canada and miss it a lot but Italy just has too much to offer for me to want to go back to Canada at this point.
I'm praying that things go my way and I can stay, and I would love it if everyone else would help me out and do the same for me!!

Love and miss everyone and I promise to keep this updated every day from now on!!
<3 <3

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